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Medellín, Colombia

Ámbar is a fashion lab that creates collections designed to help women express their identity. All of this with thoughtful curatorship and a consistent selection of garments.

Rebranding · Art Direction · Packaging

fashion & branding

The brand's purpose is to start new conversations in the fashion world. Inviting women to experiment with their clothing, connect with each piece and give a new meaning to their outfits. They believe that every woman can create their own style.With this rebranding, Ámbar's team was looking for a new composition to better reflect their values. They wanted to evoke feminity and inspire women to connect to their inner selves.

About the inspiration

We use fire to represent inner strength and convey the calm needed to be in harmony with our bodies.We blend the letter "A" with a flame made of threads and needles. An invitation to ignite the passion that lives in ourselves, creating a sophisticated element that signifies the mix of femininity and security that the brand wants to express.The composition is completed with a circle at the top of the symbol. This element works as an accent that represents balance, peace, and well-being.The typeface speaks the same language and provides subtlety and elegance to the brand.