Advance Estrategia is a complete solution that improves business results by accompanying its clients to expand into new markets and scale to another level.

Medellín, Colombia

Branding - Web Design

marketing & digital

We took as inspiration an arrow to the right that indicates direction and continuity in the path of advancement and progress. Then, we add the stairs to represent the meaning of achieving the next level and, again, understand that it is about reaching the goal and continuing to grow throughout the process.

About the inspiration

From this inspiration, we created a character symbol representing the firmness, commitment, and confidence that the brand wants to convey. With a strong typography for balancing the weights and a wide range of colors to identify each service offered. For the digital context, we explore the diversity of the colors, illustrations, and the values of the white color. We developed graphics through geometric’s forms that let us represent the volume concept and the expansion in different perspectives and dimensions.