Eatsy is an online market that sells ready-made meals prepared by well-known local restaurants. All products are delivered to customers that receive, heat, and enjoy in minutes.

Medellín, Colombia

Rebranding · Art Direction · Packaging - UX/UI - Ecommerce

food & branding

Eatsy Market, formerly The Restaurant Market, transformed its name for many reasons. They wanted to increase their global reach, expand their product offering, and create value around a unique and memorable brand.

As they were refreshing the name, they decided to reinvent the brand. A friendly, delightful, and cheerful composition for a company that's committed to the mission of making people's lives easier.

About the inspiration

The iconography is intended to reflect all the feelings we experience when we eat. And a rainbow of colors is used to represent the happiness of food diversity.

The logo is inspired by the brand values of happiness and practicality. The letter "y" is re-signified as the combination of a smile full of joy and a bowl full of food.

The logo's composition is shaped by a continuous line that connects all characters. This line creates figures and words that expand the brand's conceptual and visual universe.