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Medellín, Colombia

Plenti is an application where you can save, send, withdraw and buy with your digital dollars in your favorite stores worldwide.

Branding - Web Design - UX/UI - Development

finance & ux/ui

Plenti was inspired by the concept of opening, of having new opportunities, new things, new technology, and experience, to welcoming people into a digital world that wasn't available.

About the inspiration

Based on the central concept, we built a symbol with a door and the implicit letter "P" to encompass the brand's essence. Also, we went down the path of being more modern with the use of color by playing with gradients that allowed us to reflect freshness and dynamism. Finally, we wanted to make the brand look closer and more friendly from all angles despite being a brand from the financial sector. After that, we bring all the elements to other digital surfaces, such as the website and the application. We used the dark mood aesthetic inspired by the tech world to convey the brand's essence through movement to create a vibrant, clean, and easy-to-understand experience for any user.