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Medellín, Colombia

Ojalá is a Colombian coffee shop that set out to create a company with local grounds and an international reach—a brand with a unique and scenic appeal.They created a flavor that goes beyond the grinding or the roasting. They make a flavor that fuels your dreams as you taste them every morning.

Branding - Art Direction - Packaging

coffee & branding

“Ojalá” is Spanish for “Hopefully”.In the past, they used to read the future. Whether in the tarot, the palms of the hand, or the coffee grounds, our ancestors looked for signs of destiny. "Ojalá" arises from the belief that cup by cup we can build our fate.In this way, we connect our roots with our destiny because whoever drinks coffee believes they can change the world.

About the inspiration

This inspired us to re-draw the sayings, customs, and superstitions of our home, mixing the value of being Colombian with a contemporary narrative that pays tribute to our traditions and essence.We seize the future with devices that do not age: a stamp that certifies the origin, an illustration that takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary, and striking colors that contrast the magic of tradition and the dynamism of modern life.