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Medellín, Colombia

Seita is a holistic solution that helps you find the best investment option in Real Estate that suits your needs and allows you to generate profits.

Branding - Web Design - UX/UI - Development

payment & ux/ui

Seita's concept comes from the idea of investing in the physical world. Therefore, we inspired architectural plans with location, footage, and value.

In addition, we took the results graphic as a reference because it represents elements of the investment.

About the inspiration

For this proposal, we placed each letter of Seita at a different height; with this, we wanted to represent the concept of how fickle the investment world can be but always profit-oriented, that’s why its final letters are on the rise.

On the web, we expand the visual universe of line and bar graphs, complementing it with an aesthetic of dark colors and vibrant gradients.By applying the concepts mentioned before, we achieved a disruptive brand that varies from what is expected in this industry.