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Natalie Noren


Natalie Noren has dedicated a big part of her life to the understanding of Astrology in order to guide others to expand their minds and clear their vision.

Branding - Art Direction

wellness & branding

For the proposal, we wanted to start from the power of the letters. And how the characters have allowed us to store invaluable information for hundreds of years. The understanding, study, and interpretation of these words have allowed us today to use ancestral knowledge, such as astrology.

About the inspiration

For the design, we created a minimalist typeface inspired by the structure of ancient columns, where the negative spaces will help us tell new stories. We related these "secret messages" to the form of how Natalie Noren manages to translate the deep information she has into specific tools for her users.In the symbol, we minimize the elements and use the N's to generate symmetry and create a clean, modern, and powerful brand. We also added the representation of these concepts:  a mirror and a window, speaking of the mystery through the negatives that are in the letters and inviting the opening of other paths to give way to new processes.