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Medellín, Colombia

Aleteya is a written medium created to question absolute truth. It's a blog about life, death, motherhood, and other topics from a fresh and personal perspective.

Branding - Art Direction

journalism & branding

Aleteya started from the necessity of the owner to open a space for opinion and informationwhere she seeks to share her experiences and learn about different topics. It is also a place for others to use their voices and question what has been imposed on us and together rebuild history.

About the inspiration

This brand starts with a serif typeface referring to the fonts used in the traditional media, with an analogous intervention in some of the characters, such as the "A" and the "E." All this is to have a way to evoke freedom, disruption, diversity, and inclusion. Aleteya's logo comes with a symbol that refers to the star used in the literature, which means deepness towards a topic at the bottom of a page. This symbol was created analogously to convey the idea of building new realities.

Therefore, the brand's universe comes with free elements and lines that intervene with images with a very unique and bold identity. Regarding the color palette, we start from a base with neutral tones, such as white and black, to contrast with modern accents, like lemon green and blue, which allow us to continue counting the values of Aleteya.