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Distrito i

Medellín, Colombia

Distrito i is a co-working space designed for members of La Lonja; Medellin’s real estate association.

The main goal is to become the city’s real estate hub, a place where new projects are developed, and the most significant challenges are conquered, transforming the sector from its core.

Branding - Art Direction

real estate & branding

Everything starts with creating flexible spaces that allow meaningful relationships to flourish. These relationships evolve into inspiration, ideas, and new opportunities to continue improving how we see the business.

About the inspiration

The brand concept starts with flexibility, following the creation of a liquid logo that adapts itself to different spaces and creating a window from a fresh look to propose a diverse brand compared to others from the same field.

Therefore, in the typography, we can see the concept reflected. Some letters extend and give the sensation of elasticity and change depending on whether the orientation is vertical or horizontal. The letter “i” is modular and represents the ideas that expand and generate impact.
For the brand universe, we got inspired by architectural plans that let us use lines and geometric figures as part of brand communication.

Regarding the color palette, we begin from a base with neutral tones inspired by the black work of construction, such as black and white, to contrast with vibrant colors associated with innovation.