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Campesino & Cortesano

Medellín, Colombia

Campesino & Cortesano offers handcrafted edible products to enhance shared moments around the dinner table.

The brand's primary objective is to create a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for friends and family, where time is enjoyed, laughter fills the room, and the excitement of trying new ingredients ensures that each bite is even better than the last.

Naming - Branding - Packaging - Art Direction

food & branding

The concept behind the Campesino & Cortesano brand is inspired by the fable of "The Peasant Mouse and the Wealthy Courtier." The story highlights the value of quality life and the peace that can be found in dining. This is why the brand aims to recapture, reinterpret, and incorporate elements from the fable into its visual and written narrative, creating a unique and memorable connection to the culinary experience.

About the inspiration

The logo features two mice facing each other, symbolizing the Peasant and the Courtier. The illustration style is rustic and intricately detailed, reflecting the relationship between the two characters. Despite their differing lifestyles and customs, the logo portrays how their shared passion for cooking brings them together, resulting in a mutual reflection of each other.

The brand's visual universe has been expanded by creating additional illustrations such as supporting characters, objects, and fruits, all in line with the rustic aesthetic. This extension of the visual identity enhances the brand's overall narrative and communication.

The color palette selected for the brand is a blend of two worlds, featuring a rich wine tone symbolizing elegance and an inviting ivory color that conveys warmth, trust, and calmness.