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Medellín, Colombia

Prestagente is a fintech that aims to provide quick, secure loans to those who have difficulty accessing traditional bank loans.

Rebranding - Art Direction

fintech & branding

Prestagente is that reliable friend who is always there for you. A fintech company designed to provide an efficient, quick, and secure loan application process. It offers a new alternative that moves away from traditional banks, catering to those who may have difficulties obtaining a loan from a traditional bank or who require immediate financial assistance.

About the inspiration

The logo was designed to evoke a human connection and a sense of support and friendship. It features a smiling symbol made up of geometric shapes to convey confidence and inclusiveness.

The brand's visual identity includes a blue background, complemented by eye-catching fuchsia and green accents. The modern and fresh geometric Sans typeface is used to complement the symbol. The brand universe also includes illustrations of landscapes and additional elements that reinforce the themes of help and friendship in various brand applications.