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Missouri, USA

Borealis, an emerging cannabis brand in the United States, born from the vision of creating an extraordinary and surreal consumer experience that invites users on a journey of discovery and wellness. The name "Borealis" draws inspiration from the northern lights, conveying the fluidity and tranquility of this natural phenomenon.

Branding - Art Direction - Packaging - Website

Cannabis & branding

The logo features an altered letter "B," reminiscent of the movements of the northern lights. This modification accompanies a classic sans-serif typography, exuding seriousness and professionalism.

About the inspiration

As for the colors, shades of purple, dark gray, and light gray predominate, inspired by the color palette of the northern lights.

This chromatic versatility adapts to various contexts, reflecting this natural phenomenon's diversity and changing beauty.The packaging design evolves from inspiration drawn from the sky to delving into space, mirroring the progression of the consumer experience. The standout product, "Asteroid," is designed to establish a direct connection with outer space.On the website, Borealis presents a narrative that invites users on a journey of discovery and wellness, targeting curious individuals who wish to explore cannabis but may not have leaped yet.

The narrative focuses on experiences of wellness, creativity, and happiness, appealing to an audience seeking to use cannabis to enhance their daily lives.