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Medellín, Colombia

Cientia is a digital platform that connects companies with a community of experts in food production to find efficient solutions and improve production processes.

Naming - Branding - Web Design - UX/UI - Development

Branding & UX/UI

From the beginning to the end of the process, Cientia's philosophy is to provide comprehensive support to the client, bringing together a committed expert team that strives to achieve optimal results.

About the inspiration

For the logo design, We took inspiration from the concept of delivering 100% in processes, merging two fonts to evoke dynamism and authenticity. The dot in the logo symbolizes successful completion, infusing personality, and professionalism into the brand. The selected color palette reflects the company's values of wisdom, innovation, closeness, and experience, aiming to create a memorable image. Gradients within the brand universe represent collaboration among Cientia's talents, achieving efficient results. Additionally, lower opacity shapes convey transparency, an essential value offered to clients by the company.

Cientia's website fosters collaboration between the food industry and professionals. Its vibrant design captures user attention, aiming for clarity and friendliness. Case studies illustrate offered services.