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El zorro y la gitana

Medellín, Colombia

El Zorro y La Gitana is an artisanal pizzeria in the city of Medellin, Colombia. This brand is recognized for its innovation in the flavors they serve on the table and the magic it spreads in each pizza created exclusively for each month.

Web Design - UX/UI - Development

Food & Branding

The purpose of our meeting was to build their brand identity manual, take what they already had to give order to their verbal communication, and bring it to a digital surface, which in this case would be their website.

About the inspiration

In collaboration with the illustrator Isabel Gómez Machado, we built the user experience for El Zorro y La Gitana, maintaining their style to the maximum expression, which from their homepage, begins to tell the magic that inhabits their restaurant graphically. Each word and each illustration was placed with special care to achieve the transmission of the brand's essence from every corner of the site.Regarding navigation, we developed a friendly and intuitive website, allowing you to delve into the universe of El Zorro y La Gitana when you interact with the flavors in the menu.We also created a section dedicated to the gallery of illustrations created in collaboration with various artists over time, and another focused on the pizza of the month. This pizza, I promise, will envelop you in its spell of flavors.