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Peter Santenello

Florida, USA

Peter Santenello is a personal brand of an American traveler, videographer, and entrepreneur who produces videos about his travels.

Branding - Web Design

Travel & Branding

His mission is to discover human stories from unusual places, showcase their culture, share what they say, and highlight the social conflicts present in each location. He respectfully approaches each story and reflects the truth that escapes traditional media.

About the inspiration

For this proposal, we designed a symbol that evokes growth and movement, with repeated elements creating a sense of forwarding momentum.The colors are bright and disruptive, designed to stand out from the more traditional colors used in the banking industry. For the Website, we were looking to be seen as modern and progressive, and the use of bold typography and patterns helps convey that message.We took advantage of the spaces and played with the typefaces by creating gigantism. These allowed us to create a modern and stylish website without being overbearing.