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Valencia, España

Kalma is a Hemp infused natural soda that allows living a synergy life between the world and us. Furthermore, has the benefit of giving you the focus you need for different activities by accomplishing them without distractions.

Naming - Branding - Packaging

beverage & branding

By exploring the breath rhythm we got an insight and say that when we are exhausted we need to breathe to re-center ourselves,  slow down everyday life and allow ourselves to breathe consciously.Sensations such as serenity, peace, and lightness were part of our inspiration to transmit the Kalma through circular and dynamic forms.

About the inspiration

For this proposal, we found in breathing and inspiration a circle that symbolizes the action of inhaling and exhaling. We illustrate the pauses and rhythms of the moments where we stop for a minute and appreciate life.We designed a liquid logo that can be adapted to different brand products and flavors without losing the brand’s top of mind. The symbol’s lines are clean as the typeface without ornaments which brings a modern and friendly aesthetic.